Cookies and Cameras

A few weeks ago, we were out and about and decided we were in the mood for cookies, so we went to the convenience store down the street to buy the ingredients, and improvised with Reese's Pieces instead of chocolate chips. When we got home, I decided it was a good time to start practicing with my new DSLR that I got for Christmas, so I took some shots of the baking process. If I was a real good blogger, I would have also used Vine... but I'm just a rookie, so photos are all you get!

Oh, and in case you were wondering... Luke told me that these were the best cookies he's ever had. And let me tell you, the man knows his cookies! *Pats self on back*

PS: Are we the only ones who pronounce "Reese's Pieces" as "Reese's Piece-eys"?

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  1. Hey Chica--
    I nominated you for a fun little bloggy award in my most recent post :)